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Early Voting: July 7 - July 23
I was born and raised in Greensboro and I am a lifelong area resident who is currently retired.  My work history includes owning and operating a trucking company and a tractor trailer repair business with up to 20+ employees.  I also was in the entertainment business and operated a club that catered to the beach and shag community.  I also spent a few years in the life insurance business.

This is my first and probably my last bid for public office.  I continually enjoy meeting new people but I am not enjoying the bitterness of the political arena.  My future plans are to continue to be involved in our political process and community projects.

I love Greensboro and will strive to make it as affordable for the citizens as feasibly possible while growing in the areas needed for improvements.  Your VOTE could make a difference!

Thurston Reeder, City Council  District 4
To all the people of Greensboro, I would like to express my love for our city and my concern for its future.  I believe we can make Greensboro a better place for all of us to live, work and play.  My concern is the way your tax dollars are spent.

I, like almost every candidate, would like a safe, business-friendly city with more affordable housing.  The keys to succeeding in these areas and others are found in the budget which should be geared toward the needs of all the people and not the desires and benefit of just a few.

The new budget that was recently passed is the “biggest tax increase” in the city’s history!  We need to have a more open and transparent budget and budget process.  All citizens should be able to readily access ALL aspects of the budget and see where every single cent of our tax dollars is being spent.  Broad categories are not acceptable!  I feel there are more ways to adjust the budget and get unnecessary spending (pet projects, unused studies, unnecessary positions, etc.) eliminated.

There are several more issues that we will have to solve and I pledge to work in a manner that is responsible and open.  I will gladly answer any questions to the best of my ability and search for answers to questions I am not familiar with.  Please limit your comments/questions to those that can and should be addressed by the City Council members.

I would appreciate your vote on July 26th for CITY COUNCIL  District
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